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kindle hacks
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FAO: New Kindle owner

RE: How to bring your Kindle to life, and get every single penny's worth from your new tablet...


So, you've just bought a Kindle...

... but did you know that most people will never tap into its true potential?

You've spent good money on your new gadget, so wouldn't you like to know how to get every single penny's worth back from it?

Well, you're in the right place at the right time because...

I'm here to show you how to get the most out of your Kindle... by tapping into features, tricks and tips that most people will never know about.

We all know that the Kindle instruction manual is long, stuffy and boring. So it's no wonder that most people don't ever get the most from their tablet.

And worse still, the official documents simply don't cover half of what your Kindle is truly capable of.

But fear not, because I'm giving you the super fast start up guide to Kindle so you can get the most out of your new tablet from day one...

... without the jargon or corporate lingo.

It's time to bring your Kindle to life!

I'll be showing you dozens of exciting ways to get the most out of your Kindle, bringing your book reader to life, right in your palm.

It's all inside:

“Kindle Hacks and Tricks”

kindle hacks and tricks

Inside Kindle Hacks and Tricks, you'll discover:

  • How to drastically improve your Kindle battery life
  • How to protect your Kindle from different types of damage
  •  The easy way to hook your Kindle up with Amazon and Facebook
  • How to customize your Kindle design
  •  Thousands of FREE books... my secret list of free classic books, Kindle ready!
  • How to make your “non-Kindle” documents compatible with Kindle
  •  How to turn your Kindle into a basic GPS device for FREE
  • How to turn your Kindle into a calculator, dictionary or wikipedia
  •  How to turn your Kindle into a notepad
  • How to child lock your Kindle
  •  How to make money from Kindle userskindle books
  • What to do with your old Kindle
  •  How to easily customize your Kindle's screensaver
  • The specific skin that makes your Kindle more comfortable to hold
  •  Essential accessories to protect your Kindle, and where to find them
  • How to safely purchase ebooks with your Kindle
  •  How to easily manage your Kindle content
  • How to use the Dictionary and Highlight features
  •  How to “declutter” your Kindle homepage
  • How to organize your book collections
  •  How to find trustworthy book reviews outside of Amazon
  • How to get the most from your Kindle depending on your age, career and interests
  •  How to use notes and clippings (perfect for students)
  • How to use a Kindle with impaired vision
  •  Dozens of practical ways to use a Kindle... it's more than just a holiday book!
  • 5 other things you can do with a Kindle apart from reading books
  •  Left your Kindle at home? Here's how to read your books from other devices
  • How to print the screen on your Kindle
  •  How to loan your Kindle books to a friend, without giving them your Kindle tablet
  • ADVANCED: How to change the actual font used in your Kindle
  • ADVANCED: How to read Manga comics on your Kindle
  • PLUS... dozens of FAQ's answered in detail, in plain English

What makes this the best Kindle quick start guide out there?

It's simple really. This entire guide is unlike other manuals or articles because:

  • It's written in simple, non-technical language
  • It's short, sweet and up to date
  • It's beginner friendly
  • It contains tricks and tips that you won't find on most websites or manuals

The bottom line is...

You've just invested in an amazing piece of technology, so why let it go to waste?

Grab this “quick start” guide today, and you'll have every trick, secret and step-by-step guide to getting the most from your Kindle today.

After all, you deserve the best from your investment, don't you think?

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Ereader secrets   Kindle Hacks And Tricks!

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Kindle Hacks And Tricks!

Have Fun,

John James

P.S – Although the Kindle is very good value for money, most people never really make the most of  it because they simply don't know what it can do for them.

Don't let your Kindle slack off... make it come to life with dozens of tricks and tips that add extra features, customization, visual appeal, functionality and more.

With this simple to read – and short – guide, you'll also have multiple ways to protect your Kindle and prolong the lifespan.

And don't forget the top secret resources for thousands of free books, saving you hundreds of dollars over the next few years.

And finally, remember this guide comes with a money back guarantee... so if you're not entirely satsified with this information, you pay nothing for it.

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